Hypnotherapy is a guided meditation with positive suggestion. In a relaxed state the subconscious is more accessible, but also we use the language of the subconscious in sessions- ‘the imagination’ to work towards your goals. The power of the mind is amazing, this can be a life- changing and a fast therapy to learn new ways of thinking, or enhance something you want to be better at.

Hypnotherapy is a lovely relaxation, where you remain in control at all times, it is not like stage hypnosis!

Hypnotherapy can help you achieve your goals, really if you can think of a goal you can achieve it! Hypnotherapy helps to focus the mind, it is excellent at habit breaking, at motivation, makes learning faster and rids of problems you don’t want..


 I also offer  hypnoanalysis which uses a technique called free association whilst in  hypnosis to clear the Psyche of unpleasant baggage, which was weighing  the person down in their day to day life.
This is a life changing  therapy which allows people to let go of the past and move on with a  bright future, with more confidence and self- assurance.
This  therapy is really useful for those who cannot identify a reason for  their difficult feelings/ anxieties/ fear of authority / lack of  confidence/ phobias etc.  
My fees are £50.00 per session. Sessions are weekly until the work is completed which normally is between 5- 10 sessions..

Child Hypnotherapy

 Hypnotherapy is guided meditation, that uses positive suggestion to make changes, however, with children it is just a way of telling stories that engage the imagination to help change. For example, helping the child to imagine a negative feeling as a colour and blowing this out, or breathing in the colour of confidence. To imagine her/himself doing what they want to do, for example, putting their hand up in class and imaging this going well (the subconscious does not know the difference between what is real or imagined!).

Brain- Wave Recursive Therapy (BWRT)

When we are a baby we are born with billions or neurons and no neural pathways in the brain. Through experiences we develop neural connections and make sense of the world around us, the problem is the brain works very much on patterns and sometimes our previous learning is not something that benefits us! BWRT allows you to reprogram your mind with a new outcome, so when you thought X, you would feel Y, now when you think X you feel Z. This is natural, just a technique to strengthen a new pattern of thinking and interrupt your previous ‘loop’. The best thing about this therapy is you don’t have to tell me the problem!! So for example, if the thought is embarrassing etc there is no need to tell me it! 

What my clients say!

 Your website offerings are very brief, I wanted to gush on for paragraphs! Well this month marks a year and I have had two headaches I could not  control with your technique in that period. Safe to say life changing from the four a week that stopped me in my tracks each day- Steve 

I cannot believe one session and have kicked a 40 day habit! Six months later I feel so much better. I owe you my life!- George

I was so stressed before I come to see you. I had back ache, IBS, broken sleep and constant overthinking. Now I wake up each day smiling. You helped me to see the good in life and to feel calmer and more in conrtol- Amie


Will I 'go under' in hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a natural state that we enter several times a day of our own accord. Hypnotherapy is a specific way to speak to the subconscious to help create change that you want. It is nothing unnatural and you remain in control at all times. I use relaxation, no different to guided meditation, which is a lovely relaxing experience for clients.