It is common that people may feel nervous about counselling, or put it off for years, suffering in silence and how often I hear 'I wish I had done this years ago'. 

If you have never had counselling before, it may be hard to see the benefit and how powerful and life changing it is. Humans are social creatures and are not designed to struggle alone. Feelings are complex and the strongest thing to do is to to seek help when you need it, or when you would like to improve in an area of your life.

People can be scared of bad feelings, however, they are like a lion behind you and when you turn round to face them, in a safe environment, you realise it is just a mouse (you may even be scared of that, but it is no way as scary as a lion!). Therapy often makes people feel relieved, happier, supported, like a weight lifted. I make people feel happier, whatever that means to them.

I am a naturally kind caring person, who has great insight into underlying difficulties. I will listen to you and work with you to help support  you in what you would like to gain from coming, whatever the issue may be. It can be hard knowing which counsellor to select, but I am confident you will be so glad you came. I go above and beyond to work with you to overcome the issue or work towards achieving success, whatever that means to you. 

I have ten years experience helping people in various areas of life and I am also a tutor teaching my skills to trainee counsellors.  

You may just need a space to talk and feel supported, or you may be wanting to change or understand something.I am incredibly passionate about achieveing results with each client and offering what they need.